Where Can I Malaria treatment in Turkey

    Malaria is fatal. Please be careful

    There is NO vaccine against malaria. That is why no vaccine will protect you. When you travel to tropical-African countries, the vaccines given to you at the border health and safety centers are the “YELLOW FEWER” vaccine and have nothing to do with malaria-malaria. That’s why I’ve been overdue.

    Most of the people who die from malaria think that the vaccine is given to them and they do not realize that they are malaria and do not know where to go after they realize it. Your vaccine is given at border and travel health centers and your pill is given. But you are usually not given enough information about malaria. They don’t tell you that you have to be careful with malaria, that you can become malaria if you get fired, that you can die and what precautions you should take against it, and where to apply if you get sick. Most of the deceased do not know what to do after the onset of malaria symptoms (high fever-joint pain, etc.), and the doctors who do not know the malaria die from cold treatments and late intervention. If you consider the following information, you do not need to be afraid. So read the article carefully.

    1- There is no vaccine against malaria. No vaccine will protect you. the vaccines you have already been given are the yellow fever vaccine.

    2- When you are in Africa or just after the turn, you are probably malaria. You must take immediate action. If you get the right treatment without wasting time, you will be saved.

    What To Do To Protect Malaria:

    1- When you go to Africa, you should buy malaria tablets sold in pharmacies there. Coartem, Artequin, Malacur and so on. The symptoms of malaria are similar to colds and flu, severe fever is the most important symptom. If you are on fire in Africa or on the way back, you must take the pills immediately in the first phase. Within three days, your fever will drop and you will return to normal. In the meantime, put a wet towel on your head to reduce your fever and use parasatemole painkillers.

    2-I used the pill still did not improve what should I do. If you are in Africa, almost all of the hospitals in the area have intravenous medication. Go to the hospital and have malaria diagnosed and treated.

    Turkey also did not benefit when you do not have drugs or medications (malaria drug is not sold in pharmacies in vain search) Go immediately to the nearest health institution and I want to be the diagnosis and treatment of malaria have come from Africa. Do not let doctors treat you for colds. Doctors probably do not know about the malaria and the procedure. Have them call the Ministry of Health malaria alert line and have them search. Say it’s a legal obligation. Call the Ministry of Health malaria authorities yourself and provide information below.

    European side responsible: Ali Rıza İLERLER 0532 799 84 20 0 212 409 23 41

    Responsible for the Asian side: Cemal GÜL 0532 315 91 47

    Authorities will direct doctors to treatment and bring medication.

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